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Thank you very much to all for supporting this project and make it possible!!


OMG!! The goal is almost here!!

Kaori Cheering Icon by Magical-Icon We have 3 days more
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We are close to the goal!! :la:
And there are 3 voice actors revealed!! :la:


The place/site to donate for the project has been moved to Kickstarter!

Here is the link:…


We received info from our dear members that Skip Beat might get doubled to English!! :la:


Giant La by Web5teR

In order for the dub to happen, they need the money to do so. here's the link to donate. any dollar helps!!

Thanks guys!!
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You still have 3 days to finish your work!!  Remember that we love to get a gift! :la:


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Its time to work in your gift, and remember to submit it to the gallery folder ;)
You have until December 30 :la:


:icontree-christmas-plz: How works this Secret Santa?

1) You must write a note to the group with the info about what would you like to receive like a gift.
   - Please name/title the note with the topic "Dear Secret Santa... "
   - To make this SS a special one, the gift you ask need to be Skip Beat related.
   - No yaoi, hentai or yuri please.
   - You can write more than one idea, but you will get only one gift.
2) Once the inscriptions be closed (on the end date). We (the admins) will do a raffle to choose who will be the secret santa of who.

3) You will get a note from us with the info about the person who you will be giving your gift. As soon as you receive the info you can start to work in your gift for him/her.

4) You will have all December to submit your pic/writing to your gallery and show it to the person you are giving it. Please send him/her a note when you finish, this way he/she will notice about the gift.

5) You can submit your pic to the Group Folder Called : "Secret Santa 2015" to share your pic with all of us ;)

NOTE: Before you sign in... PLEASE be sure you have the time to work on your gift, all of us would like to receive a gift, ok?

If you have questions feel free to send us a note ;)

:icontree-christmas-plz: END DATE

For Sign in: November 20

To give your gift and submit it to the group: December 30

:icontree-christmas-plz: PARTICIPANTS:

:iconnaoguiarts: :iconthewritersora: :iconkitty-kirishima: :icontalliya: :iconpk-alice: :iconpaigyloli: :iconemily-lu: :iconhappygurl4evr:
:iconfoxyayzplz: Hello dear members! :hug:

Emoji38 by Emoji-icon UPDATES: Thank you very much for your very good response!!  :dance:

Then we will start the inscriptions for the Secret Santa and the full info next week!!
I hope you have fun!! :dance:

See you soon!!

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We have been very inactive lately, so to start:

:iconpinkheart-plz: 1) Would you be interested in participate in a Secret Santa with Skip Beat theme??
If we have enough participants we can start the list the next week and we would have all the month to work in the pic.

:iconpinkheart-plz: 2) Are you interested in other activity for Christmas?
Feel free to tell us! :la:

For the moment thats all ;)

Emoji40 by Emoji-icon We well wait for your comments!! :hug:
Have a nice day!!
:iconcutepinkplz::iconcutepinkplz:Hello dear members!!:iconcutepinkplz::iconcutepinkplz:

:iconsparklingplz: UPDATES!!

Cover for the chapter 4 by :iconjigzk: !!! :la:

Through the Looking Glass -IV- by JigzK

As soon as new works be added I will update this journal!! :dance:

If you have questions and/or you are interested in participate send us a note ;)


This project its a fanfic with illustrations for every chapter.
For every chapter will be a writer and an illustrator.

The general theme: "Through the Looking Glass" is about Kyoko`s and Ren`s romance film!!!
You can write about the characters inside the movie or add scenes of the characters out of scene :ninja:

:star:This "film" info:

Movie Title: Through the Looking Glass
Setting: 19th century (think Pride and Prejudice is a good sample of the time)
Characters and names inside the movie:
-Ren= Christopher
-Kyoko= Olivia
-Sho= ? (He havent show in the story)

:star: PROGRESS  :star:
Through The Looking Glass
Kyoko as Olivia
Ren as Christopher
Shou as Albert
Kanae   as Jane
   I yawned loudly as I made my way through the crowds of people, headed towards the place for my newest movie. I couldn't believe the President had given me this chance! And what's even better; Shou is the villain!
   "Let's see how long you can last against me, pretty boy!" I laughed darkly to myself. I didn't notice people giving me odd looks as they edged away from my dark aura. I heard the beep of a horn and paused to look around.
   Ren and Yashiro smiled up at me from the car.
  "You're going to be late, how about we give you a ride?" Ren called out to me as I paled. Had he just seen me?
   "Ah, okay. Thank you." I sputtered nervously. I saw his eyebrow rise as I swiftly got into the back seat.
   "You're acting odd again, Kyoko." Ren stated, and I felt a shiver run down my back.
  "Er, well, I'm jus
Through the Looking Glass -1- by naoguiarts
Writter:  :iconakilirose:  Illustrator: :iconnaoguiarts:
Through The Looking Glass IIThrough The Looking Glass
Mogami Kyoko as Olivia O'Connor
Tsuruga Ren as Christopher Caine
Fuwa Shou as Albert Ashton
Kotonami Kanae  as Jane Hamilton
Takagi Satoshi as Jeffery O'Connor
Iizuka Hiroko as Annie O'Connor
Kamio Kimiko as Maureen Caine
Nanokura Mimori  as Grace Hamilton
The scean began Shou and Ren were standing listening to the instruction from the director. "Rember it is very important that you do not aim for the head. Aim for the chest and the stomach. I do not wish to have a crewmember walking around with an eye patch. This is a 19th century film, not a pirate movie" All of the crew members looked at the director Akira, his aura was scaring most of the staff members. Shou and Ren looked like stone-faced at him; none of them were going to show that they two were terrified.
"You know your parts?" asked Akira Ren nodded and Shou grimed smugly, he was confident that he would be able to make it on the first take.
" Aright get in position." Aki
Through the looking glass by CarissaSanford
Writter: :iconarizunoshojo: llustrator::iconcarissasanford:
Through The Looking Glass IIIThrough The Looking Glass
Dance lessons
“CUT!” Director Akira yowled at the top of his lungs. There was a soft applauding from the crew and cast not on the film, signaling the scene had been filmed to the director’s liking. I shook myself slightly, spotting Shou standing frozen in the crowd of people. He flinched as our eyes met and swiftly turned away, vanishing out the doors in the back.
“That was well done, Miss Mogami!” Yashiro cheered as Ren and he wandered up to me, dodging past admiring fans within the crew and cast.
“The dance lesson will be held after this in about an hour. How about we go off and grab something to eat while they set up for it?” Ren suggested with mild cheer, although his eyes darted to the doors Shou had just left through. Although I would never admit it, I was glad to see the dislike Ren had for that bastard. Just thinking about it, I could feel little dark shadows swirling around me excitedly.
“Oooh, doesn

Writter: :iconakilirose: Illustrator::icontish-marie:
Through the looking glass IVThe monster is rearing its ugly head.
The beast that I always keep under lock and key is slipping out when he tore her away from my arms. I have no claim on Kyoko and I can’t dictate what she should or shouldn’t do. But to have this young boy that made her to the bitter girl I first encountered that February. He have hurt her more then he imagined, but out of the ashes she rose like a phoenix her spirit became fire and her passion became her drive.
I fell for that fiery yet kind spirit and I wouldn’t want to be without her. Even if that means I can never be hers or she be mine.
“Fuwa-san we were only rehearsing for the dance scene that is to come later in the script, I was just giving her advice on how to dance. She was in no danger or harm and if anything you are the one hurting her.” Keeping my voice cool and low, my eyes fell on her I could see the fear in her eyes and it wounded me to think that I was the one that frightened her, just another reminder
Through the Looking Glass -IV- by JigzK
Writer:  :iconarizunoshojo: Illustrator: :iconjigzk:
Writer: ??    Illustrator: :iconkromogami18:
Writer: ??    Illustrator: :iconlittlegrazygirl:
Beta tester: :iconcrazyweirdogirlwhee:
You can ask her help with for comprehension and corrects grammar ;)

The Rules:

First of all, please, please, please be polite to one another and be willing to compromise. As there are many different people with different ideas involved in this, some of your ideas may not get in the way you hoped. Just come at this with an open mind! That will make this fun!!!

*Sorry but no yaoi, yuri or hentai please. We want to keep this rated teen
*Also, no OC's, it would be fun to have them, but a little difficult to coordinate with so many people's different interpretations.
This will be split in two parts:

1. Authors:
-Try to keep your section short and sweet. The suggested limit is 1000 words
-Remember to keep the prompt and your writing order in mind!
-When you are done with your piece, please notify the author after you and the illustrator you are paired with.
-After you have done that, submit it to the group folder: Through the Looking Glass

2. Illustrators
-Please wait for your author to contact you.
-You can chose what section of the story to illustrate , or ask the author what they would like to see.
-You can do one comic page, or one page illustration.
-When you are finished, submit it to the group folder: Through the Looking Glass

For the moment its all ;)

See you soon!
Hello dear members!! :hug:

:icongiftplz: Now we have the results of the votes!! :iconamericapartyhardplz:

pic:icongoldcupplz: 1rst place  
:iconbe-nice:   Happy birthady: Surprise by be-nice

:iconsilvercupplz: 2rst place
:iconsweetayu: Beautiful Target (Almost Out of Time)
Beautiful Target (Almost Out of Time)
After returning from an overseas job, Kyoko went back to her almost daily routine. The streets of Kyoto were busy as ever, bustling with joy of the arrival of early spring. After a harsh winter, she could imagine people were happy to welcome the warm, sunrays.
The local transportation bus made a stop and Kyoko got off. She waved goodbye to the bus driver, before running down the block heading to her school building.
She arrived to class with plenty of time to spare. Kyoko decided that it would be the perfect time to study. She took out her textbook, notebook, and pen. She organized them neatly on top of her desk, before she proceeded to read over her highlighted notes.
Her fellow classmates were talkative as ever and the latest gossip about a one day transfer student arriving to school…. Or something to that extent since she blocked them all out, concentrating on her book.
After classes were over, she

Congratulations to the winners!! :iconyayjumpplz:

Thank you very much to the participants for your wonderful entries!! :iconjumpingjacksplz:

Mature Content

To Ren, happy birthday lol by BlueMoonSSR
Happy birthday Ren! by BlueMoonSSR Present for me contest entry! by GrimmNibbens
Happy Birthday! by Otaku-Mom Happy Birthday, Tsuruga-san! by Pikahopp A present for you - RenKyoko by Lili-ve

:icongiftplz: Ren kun was very happy with all your participation on his B-day celebration!! :iconspinhugplz:


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